Development a Japanese version of the Moral Foundation Questionnaire

[Speaker] Honda, Shiho:1
[Co-author] Kosugi, Koji E:1, Ishimaru, Sayaka:1, Utsunomiya, Saki:1, Yamane, Tomonari:1, Sakamoto, Kazuhisa:1, Ohe, Yoshihiro:1, Kobayashi, Hitomi:1, Arim, Takumi:1, Kidera, Aoi:1
1:Yamaguchi University (Japan)

This study aimed to develop a Japanese version of the Moral Foundation Questionnaire, which was originally developed by Heidt and colleagues.
First, many items were collected by free description; this involved asking 10 undergraduate students about the actions they felt they should not do morally. The research team then refined these and created a 70-item scale from them.
Approximately 400 participants were recruited by the website and a general education class; they were asked to evaluate our items and the original Moral Foundation Questionnaire items on a five-point scale.
Exploratory factor analysis was conducted, and the lowest Bayesian Information Criterion was achieved with an eight-factor structure model.
Based on correlations between our scale and the original Moral Foundation Questionnaire, we examined the validity and reliability of our scale, and discussed the uniqueness of Japanese morality.
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