Effects of Affectedness, Justice Sensibility and Justice Norm on Anger at Organizational Wrongdoing.

[Speaker] Wang, Jinmin:1
1:Chiba Institute of Science (Japan)

In this study, an experiment was conducted using a scenario depicting a meat products company sold cheap meat as premium meat at a high price in stores. Three conditions of affectedness were used in the scenario: the wrongdoing occurred in stores in Japan, in stores where the respondents or their family do everyday shopping, or in stores in a European country. Japanese college students (N=117) were randomly assigned to one of the 3 conditions. The results show that the anger and unmoral judgment scores were significantly higher when the fraud happened in stores where respondents or their family use than in those in a foreign country. Furthermore, both justice sensibility and justice norm scores were found positively correlated with anger at the wrongdoing. The results suggest that people's anger at organizational wrongdoing may be influenced by the affectedness by the fraud and their justice sensibility and justice norm.
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