Effects of reproductive beliefs on homophobia

[Speaker] Adachi, Nahoko:1
[Co-author] Ikegami, Tomoko:1
1:Osaka City University (Japan)

This study investigated the influence of reproductive beliefs on the expression of homophobia. We predicted that people endorsing the belief that human beings should reproduce would show more negative attitudes toward gay men and lesbians, and that this effect would be greater among those with a higher level of implicit homophobia because they are more motivated to justify their prejudice. Japanese undergraduates completed an Implicit Association Test, measuring implicit homophobia; a reproductive belief scale; and an Attitudes toward Gay men and Lesbians scale. Hierarchical regression analyses revealed a significant promotion effect of reproductive beliefs on negative attitudes toward both gay men and lesbians. Although the interaction effect was not significant, planned comparisons indicated that reproductive beliefs enhanced explicit homophobia only among people with a higher level of implicit homophobia. This tendency was specifically clearer in attitudes toward lesbians. Implications for the evolutionary account of homophobia were discussed.
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