Euro-Islam as a dialogue of civilizations: the conservation and acquisition of identity and worldview

[Speaker] Myamesheva, Galiya:1
[Co-author] Asset, Mussalin:1
1:Affiliations Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

The Euro-Islam is a multifaceted phenomenon of multicultural contemporary
reality. It is a reality and the model of the world. Religion, as a means of
communication within the community, can be represented as the basis of culture.
The presence of others is an integral part of life, and man and society. Conscious
alignment of European identity as a practice of a culture of peace as opposed to the
dominant traditional culture war is the way out of the crisis in Europe, combining
to split Europe. A study was conducted among 60 Kazakhstani students of social
and humanitarian and Natural Sciences at the age of 19 to 34 years. It showed that
54 % of respondents do not know what the Euro-Islam, the remaining 46 %
expressed their assumptions. Only 18 % of students identified the causes of Euro-
Islam: the migration from Muslim countries to Europe, colonialist past of Europe.
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