Discussions of the passion play in Oberammergau from the aspect of religious psychology

[Speaker] Morimoto, Mauymi:1
1:sirayuri college graduate school (Japan)

On experiencing acting in theatrical plays, there has yet to be adequately organized theories on what of theatrical plays would function on those who act, and what pedagogical importance they have. Depending on what kind of differences the actors actually feel before and after they experience acting in a theatrical play that is memorized as a precious experience, and what implications it has for them, the experience of acting would have pedagogical importance. We, then, conducted semi-structured interviews to the actors of "Passion Play" that has been performed by the villagers of Oberammergau of Germany in every 10 years since 1634, and categorized their speeches. As a result, it was indicated that, by acting roles of some persons whose statuses are different from the 'real' them, openness of religiosity, such as religious pluralism was being developed.
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