Social Relationship Attitudes Toward Bisexuals among Heterosexual University Students in Taiwan

[Speaker] Chen, Cheng-wen:1
[Co-author] Chang, Te-sheng:1
1:National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan)

Among the abundant research about heterosexuals' attitudes toward non-heterosexuals, most of the studies were dedicated to attitudes toward gays and lesbians. However, attitudes toward bisexuals still remained unknown. The aim of this study was to fill the gap by exploring gender and major differences in attitudes toward bisexuals among university students in Taiwan. Questionnaires measuring three dimensions of attitudes (Friendship, Loveship, and Sympathy) toward bisexuals were distributed to 1100 undergraduates. The valid sets of responses were 784, including 425 males and 359 females; 398 majored in science and 386 in social science. The results indicate that students hold more negative attitudes toward bisexual-males than bisexual-females in the Friendship and Lovership dimensions. Males hold more negative attitudes toward bisexuals than do females across all dimensions. Students in science hold more negative attitudes toward bisexuals than students in social science. The implications for educational practices and future research are discussed.
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