Shared Commercial Culture Value: An Anthropological Study of the Endogenous Mechanism of the Islamic Food Safety in Hui Nationality

[Speaker] Cui, Miao:1
[Co-author] Yong, Shao-hong:1, Ding, Feng-qin:1, Zen, Xiang-lan:1
1:Ningxia University (China (People's Republic of China))

Inspired by field study of Muslin food producing and consuming, the endogenous mechanism of food safety of shared commercial cultural value is created and constructed in this research. We conducted in-depth interviews with 7 managers and 36 employees in ten muslin food enterprises and the field investigation to 398 muslin food consumers via a non-structural questionnaire. The results indicate that the process of Hui muslin food production, sale, and consumption is guided by "muslin belief" which is deeply grounded muslin religious faith. The concept of Hui muslin food derives relative life value terms of "clean", "hygiene" and "healthy" , forms "shared commercial culture value" mechanism among producers, salesmen and consumers, develops the contract of "mutual trust". These suggest that China food industry should construct cultural value of "moral-interest mutual aid", develop social empathy, and promote "shared commercial cultural value"
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