Face Attractiveness of Anime Heroine Characters

[Speaker] Ota, Midori:1
[Co-author] Ochi, Keita:1
1:Hosei University (Japan)

While many studies of differences in real or photographed female face attractiveness consider facial features, few of them examine the faces of animated characters. In this study, I investigated the impressions that animation heroine faces gave. First, I designed an average face based on 2010s animation heroine faces, and then, modifying its eye size, mouth width, and mouth shape, I created 36 facial stimuli. Twenty-nine participants rated their impressions of 36 faces according to 20 pair of adjectives on a 7-point scale. A three-factor solution -- "friendliness," "activity," and "attractiveness" in impression were obtained using factor analysis. The results of three-way ANOVA with eye size, mouth width, and mouth shape factors for each score of "beautiful," "feminine," "cute," and "sexy" were analysed. The results showed that small mouth and average/rather large eyes were considered significantly more attractive. These results suggest the above -- mentioned facial features affect animated heroines' attractiveness.
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