The comparative study on the dietary life style between university students and their mothers in Japan and Korea

[Speaker] Onodera, Atsuko:1
[Co-author] Kawano, Rie:1
1:Mejiro University (Japan)

The purposes of this study are to clarify the similarities and differences of the dietary life styles between two generations in Japan and Korea.The questionnaires were collected from 256 Japanese university students and their mothers and 303 Korean as well.By the result of factor analysis,five factors were identified;"curiosity for cooking""healthy meals""convenience" "family meals""snacks and sweets".The strong correlations between two generations were shown for"convenience""healthy meals"and" family meals"in both countries. This result implies the similarity of two generations' dietary behaviors in both countries. We also examined the relationships between the children's dietary behavior and their feelings towards their parents. Children who frequently use the convenient foods tended to exhibit the negative feelings to parents. On the contrary, children who often take dinner with their family tended to show the positive feelings to them. This tendency was suggested in both countries.
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