Independent / Interdependent self- construals and feeling of happiness: the mediating role of gratitude

[Speaker] Sun, Xiaojie:1
1:Dongbei university of Finance and Economics (China (People's Republic of China))

This study investigated whether self-consistent emotion plays a mediating role between self-construal and feeling of happiness. The other-focused emotion - gratitude - was adopted as the self-consistent due to its underpinning of interdependent self-construal. 344 Chinese undergraduate, graduate students and newly employed answered the Independent and Interdependent Construal Questionnaire, Gratitude Scale, and Oxford Happiness Questionnaire.

The result showed that correlation between interdependent self and happiness was higher than that of independent self and happiness, indicating that people with interdependent self had higher level of happiness than people with independent self in China. Regression analysis found that the relationship between interdependent self and happiness is mediated significantly by gratitude whereas gratitude plays no mediating role between independent self and happiness. The result showed that self-consistent emotion mediates between the correlation of the self-construal and feeling of happiness. This result has implication for adopting self-consistent strategies in future happiness intervention.

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