Psychosocial adjustment of international students in Japan: The case of Chinese students

[Speaker] Yin, Mengxi:1
[Co-author] Aoki, Kikuyo:1, Koshi, Megumi:1
1:Ochanomizu University (Japan)

Chinese students, while being the biggest ethnic group of the international students in Japan, are reported to face more difficulties during their acculturation process than international students from other countries (Ge, 2007) .This study analyzes to what extend the adjustment issues of Chinese international students is due to specific features of Japanese culture. Drawing upon Wang & Mallinckrodt (2006), the variables of psychological distress, sociocultural adjustment difficulties, adult attachment style, and cultural identifications were measured. A total of 277 Chinese international students in Japan responded to a web-based survey. An independent-samples t-test was conducted to compare the listed variables between groups of students in Japan and US. The results suggest that Chinese international students in Japan have higher acculturation to the host country and lower social adjustment difficulties, and higher psychological symptoms. Implications and directions for future research are discussed based on the cultural contexts.
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