Cross-Cultural Differences in Average Daily Behavior

[Speaker] Gardiner, Gwendolyn:1
[Co-author] Baranski, Erica:1, Funder, David:1
1:University of California, Riverside (United States of America)

Cross-cultural variation in personality traits has recently become a popular tool for measuring cultural distinctions. However, very little research has focused on the actual expression of personality traits through average behaviors. Additionally, many studies examining cultural comparisons are typically between two countries, limiting the generalizability of the findings. The current project attempts to fill this gap by investigating reports of daily behavior across 21 countries. Analyses reveal a strong similarity in average behavior across countries, with correlations among countries average behavioral profiles ranging from r = .69 to r = .97. The most similarly behaving countries were the United States and Canada, while the least similar were United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan. Within country analyses indicated that Spain had the most homogeneous behavior and UAE had the least. These results help further illuminate cultural similarities and distinctions in common daily behavior.
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