From True Captives to Aspiring Environmentalists: Can overarching types of travellers be distinguished across modes?

[Speaker] Bösehans, Gustav:1
[Co-author] Walker, Ian:1
1:University of Bath (United Kingdom)

Travel behaviour market segmentations have become a popular method of identifying different types of car users, cyclists or public transport users. However, while research has looked at different types of users within single modes of travel, such as the car, little research has explored the existence of traveller types transcending modes. As a consequence, in the present study, an independent segmentation study using a combination of hierarchical and iterative partitioning methods was performed within the scope of a bi-annual University Travel Survey at the University of Bath in the UK. The findings suggested the presence of several, fairly distinct, traveller types. Arguably, there is no right or wrong answer in terms of the number of traveller segments. However, the extracted groupings showed some strong overlap with existing segmentation research. Future research efforts should focus on the further consolidation of the current findings and test their applicability in real-world applied settings.
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