Political interest of Vietnamese young intellectuals

[Speaker] Thi Thu Thuy, La:1
1:Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (Viet Nam)

This study aimed to investigate political interests (PI) of Vietnamese young intellectuals. The first study was conducted to list PI of Vietnamese people by interviews and documentary research. The second study was designed with participation of 600 young intellectuals (45.5% was male, mean of ages was 27.8). The PI scale with 23 items had high reability and good discriminant validity. A factor analysis pointed four aspects of PI: country development, social issues, youth's issues and government's international activities. They accounted for 65% of total variance. Results showed in details PI of young intellectuals. Moreover, the PI scores significantly correlated with scores from scales that measured responsibility, cooperation and work satisfaction. Male young intellectuals were more interested in politics than female ones. But there aren't significant differences in PI scores between respondents with different occupations, levels of education and living areas. The limitations and applications of research results was discussed.
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