The Role of job satisfaction in the relationship between perceived work stress and perceived performance

[Speaker] Gok, Sibel:1
[Co-author] Agun, Hazel:1
1:Marmara University (Turkey)

Prior research has found that work stress is causally related to perception of performance. In addition, prior research has determined the relationship between work stress and job satisfaction. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the mediating effect of job satisfaction in the relation between perceived work stress and perceived performance. A total of 100 air hostesses from an airline company located in Istanbul participated in the questionnaire survey (response rate 100%).
Perceived work stress explained 49% of the variance in perceived performance and perceived work stress explained 31% of the variance in job satisfaction. In addition, job satisfaction mediated the effect of perceived work stress on perceived performance, but only partially, as work stress has a direct path to work performance. Our findings suggest that increasing job satisfaction level among employees in high stress situations should be helpful in increasing their work performance.
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