The relationship between anomalous experiences and the mental own-body transformations

[Speaker] Hiromitsu, Kentaro:1
1:Graduate School of Letters, Chuo University (Japan)

Mental own-body transformation task requires participants to make a left-right judgment regarding a feature of a schematic human figure stimulus. Recent study has investigated that positive schizotypal individuals with perceptual aberrations were impaired in the performance of mental own-body transformations (Mohr, Blanke, & Brugger, 2006). However the association between another schizotypal features (e.g., not only perceptual aberration but also anomalous experiences, such as dissociation or paranoia) the mental own-body transformations has not been studied. Here, we tested whether performance in a mental own-body transformation task relates to the dissociative experiences or paranoia reported in Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) and Japanese-version Paranoia Checklist (JPC). The results indicated that the participants with high scores on DES had difficulty with a mental own-body transformation task. This finding suggested the possibility that the dissociative experiences might be associated with the dysfunction of self and bodily processing.
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