July 27, 2016 16:30 - 18:00

Difficulties experienced by elderly drivers when driving: a behavioral and cognitive analysis of driving errors observed among a sample of French drivers in real driving conditions

[Speaker] Bellet, Thierry:1
[Co-author] Paris, Jean-christophe:1, Marin-lamellet, Claude:1
1:IFSTTAR (France)

This research aims to identify the difficulties experienced by elderly drivers when driving a car. Seventy-six drivers, aged from 70 to 81 years old (mean age of 74.1), were invited to drive an instrumented car on open road to perform a 28km route in real traffic conditions. Empirical data collected concerned drivers' actions on vehicle controls (e.g. steering wheel, pedals), car velocity, and situational parameters collected form perceptive technologies (radar and cameras). After the driving task, interview were implemented in order to collect drivers' opinions about their driving performance and the difficulties they experienced during the driving task. More than 200 situations presenting difficulties or driving errors were observed during this experiment, and then analyzed, from the behavioral and cognitive point of view. The presentation will describe the methodology implemented and will analyze some typical cases of driving errors or critical behaviors observed among this sample of French drivers.
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