Zebrafish prefer 45 degrees oblique line to 135 degrees line innately without perceptual learning

[Speaker] Mittani, Keiichi:1
1:Okayama University emeritus professor,International Pacific University emeritus professor (Japan)

Mittani(2015) found an inverted triangle is more aye-attractive than equilateral triangle irrespective they were presented right or left.
180 days old four male zebrafishes (Danio rerio) TAB strain were distributed to a 60X30X30 cm tank in IPU. Lighting was a 12L 12D cycle and water temperature was 26 degrees.
The group behavior were recorded for 5 minutes after introduced to the rear glass wall right 45 degrees oblique line and left 135 degrees line simultaneously from 13:58 to 14:03 using30-30-40 millisecond record system.
Mean every second number of zebrafish at 45 degrees was 3.26 and 135 degrees was0.74 respectively(t=14.884,df=299,p<.001). At only the 1st and 2nd minute, however, fish go to each lines equally (ns).
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