Maternal Caregiving Profiles in Turkey

[Speaker] Karagobek, Busra A:1
[Co-author] Aran, Ozlu:1, Selcuk, Emre:1, Gunaydin, Gul:2
1:Middle East Technical University (Turkey), 2:Bilkent University (Turkey)

The present study investigated maternal caregiving profiles in Turkey using intensive home-based observations. Everyday interactions of mothers with their 1-year-old infant were observed using the Maternal Behavior Q-Set during a 3-hour long home visit. Q-factor analyses revealed two profiles of maternal caregiving: The first profile, responsiveness/warmth, describes mothers who are responsive to their infant's needs and demands, enjoys intimate interactions with their infants, and follows the pace of the infant during interactions. The second profile, indifference/aloofness, describes mothers who are indifferent to the needs of their infant and responds only if the infant persistently demands attention. These findings indicate that individual differences in everyday maternal caregiving are distributed along more than one global sensitivity dimension. Research investigating the antecedents and consequences of maternal caregiving and interventions aiming at improving the quality of maternal caregiving should take into account these different facets of everyday caregiving behaviors.
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