Connectedness to nature and sustainable behavior: sense of unity with nature as a path towards pro-social and pro-environmental behaviors

[Speaker] Corral-verdugo, Victor:1
[Co-author] García, Fernanda I:1, Durón, Fernanda:1, Tapia, César O:1, Fraijo, Blanca S:1
1:University of Sonora (Mexico)

Grounded on the idea that connectedness to nature (CN) is essential to facing environmental problems, the aim of this study was to demonstrate the hypothesis that people who perceive a greater sense of connectedness with nature will practice more sustainable behaviors (SB). SB include prosocial (altruistic, equitable) and pro-environmental (pro-ecological, frugal) behaviors. Previous studies had reported that CN enhances the practice of pro-environmental behaviors. Yet, so far no study considering the relationship between CN and prosocial behaviors had been conducted. Two hundred seventy-seven Mexicans responded to an instrument assessing the four instances of SB (pro-ecological, altruistic, frugal and equitable behaviors), as well as a connectedness to nature scale. A structural equation model revealed a significant relationship between connectedness to nature and SB, which suggests that people with higher connection to nature will practice more pro-environmental and prosocial behaviors. Therefore, feeling close to nature makes people also feel closer to humans.
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