Study on engine room communication under the marine engine simulator environment

[Speaker] Miwa, Takashi:1
[Co-author] Wu, Yanbin:1, Nakamura, Masumi:2, Uchida, Makoto:1
1:Kobe university (Japan), 2:Yuge National College of Maritime Technology (Japan)

In 2001, a maritime accident which caused by misjudgments of an engineer of the passenger ship "Star Diamond" in Japan spread the damage of the main engine. When the alarm occurred, engineer must consult with watch-partner about recovery operation and also he should be report to Chief engineer about this situation.
We carried out the watch-keeping experiments in engine room situation which reproduce by marine engine simulator. The trainee's heart rate, brain wave are measured by each sensor which put on a trainee during experiment.
When the alarm occurred, trainee informs to partner in engine room, he talks about alarm details. However, same alarms occurred in several times, trainee not informed to the partner. And he tried to solve the problem by himself. Discuss the trainee's condition such as stress and habituation, and we will consider the causal factor of unsafe behavior in marine engine room situation.
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