Personality factors and length of service as predictors of preferred coping strategies among cabin crew

[Speaker] Shrivastava Kashi, Anita:1
[Co-author] Blundell, Chloe:1
1:Middlesex University Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

A multitude of research has identified working environment of cabin crew emotionally and physically stressful.This study therefore investigated the influence of HEXACO personality factors and work experience in preferred coping strategies in an opportunistic sample of 1001 cabin crew.Regression analysis found conscientiousness as the strongest predictor of task oriented coping (contributing 10% variation) followed by extraversion(5%) and length of service (1%). Emotionality contributed 14% variance in emotion focused coping, whereas humility contributed only 1.2% variance in distraction focused coping. Agreeableness and openness to experience did not predict task oriented and social diversion coping respectively. Therefore can be suggested that certain personality factors may play an important role in coping strategies employed by cabin crew.

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