Factors of Professional development and Emotional Burnout of the ambulance personnel

[Speaker] Petrash, Marina:1
1:Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)

In the medical sphere, personnel of the ambulance service are a special group. Furthermore, ambulance service is significant part of the Disaster medicine system of St.Petersburg. Helping sick people and victims of any disaster, medical personnel suffer emotionally and psychologically. One of the tasks of this research was to study the possible relation between burnout and factors of professional development.
Methods used were: Special application form "Professional development", Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). Participants: 143 ambulance personnel (Ndoctors=31; Ndoctor`s assistant=86; Nnurses=26). Doctors had higher scores than nurses and doctor's assistants on "emotional exhaustion" subscale and lower on "depersonalization". Analyses between groups with different situation of professional development showed that scores for the three scale of syndrome were increasing in the periods of professional development crisis. So, present results showed that burnout was one of the representations of the professional crisis. Research showed the relation between burnout and factors of professional development.
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