Political skill: Personality traits as antecedents

[Speaker] Templer, Klaus J:1
1:SIM University Singapore (Singapore)

Politically skilled employees use their networking ability, social astuteness, interpersonal influence, and apparent sincerity to pursue personal and/or organizational goals. Research has shown that political skill is related to job performance. The objective of the present study was to test personality traits as antecedents of political skill using the full HEXACO personality taxonomy, which includes the new dimension honesty-humility. Employees rated their personality on the HEXACO-PI and their political skill on the Political Skill Inventory. Unlike in earlier studies, also supervisors rated the employees' political skill (N = 110 pairs). The results project a picture of politically skilled employees as non-emotional, extravert, and conscientious, but also as less honest and as less open to experience. Additionally, more fine-grained analyses for the facets of political skill are presented and differences between self- and supervisor-ratings are discussed.
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