Sexual Minorities and Identity Politics in India: Story of a Struggle against never-ending spiral of Social Stigma

[Speaker] Satpathy, Maheswar:1
1:Centre for Advanced Studies in Psychology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar India (India)

Background: Research consisently suggests that LGBTQI community is endangered by social ostracism,stigma and discrimination in India. The situation worsens with their victimization by legal and socio-religious institutions,causing deflation of self-esteem,self-worth and depression.
Key Focus :In this context we need:i)a critical assessment on the impact of stigma on the lives of LGBT Communityii) Analyze issues of ethicality and hypocrisy in Indian contexts (exploitation by mainstream,clash of identities and mental spaces).
i) Assess nature of stigma and manifestation in mainstream(i.e. is stigma a protracted form of stereotype and prejudice or has other forms like indifference;
ii) Existence of stigma among healthcare professionals who advocate for stigma reduction;
iii)Analyse the relationship (gaps) between achievement of cosmopolitanism,egalitarianism and other ideological stands and the progressive acceptance of homosexuality,and how (if) identity politics in the past 2 decades have shaped social change.
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