Feelings of Marginalization, Stigmatization and Its Effect on Health: A Study of Indian Eunuchs

[Speaker] Verma, Sunil:1
1:Vivekananda College, University of Delhi (India)

The present study reports the experience of social discrimination along with its consequences on a marginalized social group of eunuchs. A total of 48 eunuchs rated their experiences on a standardized questionnaire developed to measure the process of Stigmatization (Marginalization, Exclusion, and Ritualistic Inclusion), Dehumanization (Humiliation, Atrocity and Exploitation ) and some other psychological constructed namely identity (personal & Social) and health (physical & Psychological).The findings of the study revealed that eunuchs experienced higher level of stigmatization and dehumanization. They also reported strong personal identity at the same time they identified strongly with their group. They further reported poor psychological health characterized by unhappiness, depression, anger, mental tensions, irritation, lack of concentration, and lack of sleep. The results are discussed in light of the existing theories and relevant literature.
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