Reinstatement may improve mental health: A comparative study about the laid-off and the reinstated after the massive lay-off in 2009 from SsangYong Motor Company in South Korea

[Speaker] Park, Jooyoung:1
[Co-author] Kim, Seung-sup:1
1:Department of Public Health Sciences, Graduate School of Korea University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Massive layoff is termination of employment among a group of employees for business reasons. We analyzed a survey about the laid-off (N=140) and the reinstated (N=176) in SsangYong Motor Company during May 2015. Both groups were laid off in 2009, but only the latter have retured to work at the company in 2013. Two groups has similar socio-demographic characteristics and work experience. This research found that the prevalence of depressive symptoms over the past week assessd by CES-D 11 was significantly higher among the laid-off (the laid-off 79.1% vs the reinstated 52.8%). The prevalence during the past year of the laid-off was significantly higher compared to the reinstated about depression and anxiety disorder (the laid-off 74.8% vs the reinstated 30.1%), insomnia and sleep disorder (the laid-off 71.8% vs the reinstated 49.0%). The results suggest that the reinstatement may play a role in improving health of the laid-off.
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