Mental Health Treatment in Collaboration with Legal Professionals

[Speaker] Kato, Yoshiko:1
1:Kobe University (Japan)

The aim of this segment of the symposium is to present a review of scientific studies to demonstrate the interrelatedness of mental illness and legal issues of underserved diverse ethnic groups and to demonstrate the effectiveness of preventative legal assistance combined with mental health treatment as a strategic intervention to stop recidivism and prevent the radicalization of vulnerable clients with multiple challenges.

People with mental illness sometimes are faced with serious difficulties in society. To realize clients' well-being, not only mental well-being but also social well-being should be considered. For this reason, contact with legal professionals in the process of mental health treatment is considered effective.

In this study, first the social life issues of people with mental illness were identified. Second, the mental health treatments, including legal interventions, were reviewed and discussed.
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