Coaches and parents in community based sports clubs in the United States.

[Speaker] Yamagishi, Jovan:1
1:Dublin United Soccer League (United States of America)

In the United States, community sports especially for young players is a way of growing the mind and body within society. I will highlight the my findings as a technical director from 2012-2015 of a youth soccer organization in regards to player/parent and coaches communication as an intricate part to a healthy athletic lifestyle for kids. Coaches here are more vocal and expressive generally speaking. This is the same with parents who are very involved with the progress, and they seek direct communication with the coaches routinely. Lack of communication between coaches and parents can lead to dysfunctional teams, and can cause misunderstandings between the two parties. Individual player evaluation is vital because often time parents are demanding things from their children that have not been worked on with the coaches. This causes some confusion and tension, which leads to a negative experience for kids growing up.
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