Globalization and terrorism: Finding more effective approaches to preventing violence and promoting peace around the world

[Speaker] Gauthier, Janel:1
1:International Association of Applied Psychology (Canada)

The purpose of this invited address is to explore the rise of terrorism in the context of globalization from a psychological and an ethical perspective. Complex political, economic, social, and psychological factors have combined in the context of globalization to create circumstances in which many communities in both western and non-western countries feel threatened in their culture, beliefs, values, identities, and ways of life. Some of these communities also feel that they live in a world that sees them negatively and does not have sufficient respect for them. Serious threats to basic psychological needs for identity and respect can result in defensive reactions, including violent and destructive ones intended to harm others. Hopes for a better world for all require not only a better psychological understanding of human nature, but also a renewed emphasis on the promotion of respect for persons and peoples as a foundation for peace and harmony.
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