Parents' Influences on Community based junior sport clubs in Japan

[Speaker] Togo, Etsuko:1
[Co-author] Ohashi, Megumi M:1, Iume, Yumiko:1
1:Tokyo Future University (Japan)

We investigated activities and concerns of parents concerning community sports in Japan. Parents (N=900) with elementary school children engaging in community sports were interviewed. Results indicated that many children suffered harassment from coaches and parents of teammates. Moreover, parents themselves suffered harassment from coaches and other parents. We also inquired about factors that increased children's motivation to do sports. Results indicated that object relationships, such as interpersonal relationships of parents, affected parents' attitudes toward children through "my-child centeredness," which in turn affected children's motivation to do sports. Furthermore, parents' attitudes of my-child centeredness toward their children and children's motivation to do sports were affected by positive attitude of the human environment, including coaches, teammates, and parents' cheer groups, and by children's athletic levels and parents' experience of sports. Furthermore, parents with higher interpersonal seeking, self-centeredness, and seeking extremes had higher my-child centeredness and were forcibly involved with their children.
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