Suicide Risk Among Sexual Minority Female Youth in the Philippines

[Speaker] Manalastas, Eric Julian:1
1:University of the Philippines (Philippines)

Using archival data from a national survey of N = 8,891 young Filipina women ages 15 to 24, I examined links between sexual-minority status and risk for suicide in the Philippine context. Similar to previous results from young Filipino men (Manalastas, 2013) and to findings in the global LGBT mental health literature (Haas et al., 2011; Pflum et al., 2015; Poteat & Rivers, 2014), sexual-minority status was associated with both suicide ideation and suicide attempt across measures of same-sex attraction and same-sex romantic relationships. Sexual-minority Filipina youth had higher odds of having thought about committing suicide and having attempted to commit suicide, compared to heterosexual peers. I explore a number of correlates of suicide risk, including normative risk factors such as depression, recent suicide attempt of a friend, and experiences of threat and victimization, following a minority stress framework.
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