Cultural differences on the role of norms on environmental behavior

[Speaker] Ando, Kaori:1
1:Nara Women's University (Japan)

The author examined whether cultural difference have impact on the role of personal and subjective norm on environmental behavior. It can be predicted that personal norm have larger impacts on environmental behavior in Western cultures where independence is valued, while subjective norm have larger impacts in Asian cultures where interpersonal relationship is valued. The results from comparative study in Japan and other countries found that subjective norm have larger effects in Japan. The author also compared adults and children's model of environmental behaviors in Germany and Japan. The results showed that subjective norm had larger impacts on children in both countries. Cultural difference in the role of personal and subjective norm became larger among adults. These results showed that while at younger age, we are more sensitive to expectations from parents, but as we grew up, environmental norms are more internalized although the degree depends on cultures.
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