Social dominance orientation helps explain dominance over nature

[Speaker] Milfont, Taciano L:1
1:Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Social dominance orientation (SDO) assesses the degree to which individuals support group-based social hierarchies. Although originally proposed in the context of human-human interactions, a number of recent studies have shown that SDO is useful in understanding human-nature interactions. Particularly, high-SDO individuals tend to display lower levels of pro-environmental engagement than their counterparts do. SDO also helps explain gender differences in environmentalism, with men tending to express lower pro-environmental engagement compared to women because men tend to score higher in SDO. In this presentation, I will provide a review of this emerging research area and the practical and theoretical implications for fostering environmental protection. I will also present cross-cultural data examining whether the SDO-environmentalism effect is particularly pronounced in countries with income inequality.
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