Developmental Cybernetics: Infant Perceptions of Nonhuman Agents

[Speaker] Itakura, Shoji:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan)

In Experiment 1, fifty two-year-old children were tested to examine whether they could reproduce the target outcome of a robot in a goal reenactment paradigm. The results show that the children were not only able to reproduce the target action which had been produced by the robot, but were also able to complete the same task when the robot was shown to attempt, but fail, to produce the action. However, it was essential that the robot mimicked human behavior suggesting intention, such as gazing at a partner and at the object being manipulated, in order to induce children to produce the target outcome in the failed attempt condition. In Experiment 2, standard False Belief Task with robot was conducted to investigate whether preschoolers attribute the false belief to a robot or not. Results suggested that the children attribute the false belief to a robot but not mental verb to it.
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