Resilience and Vulnerability in the Stress Process: Our Trains Run on Both Tracks

[Speaker] Hobfoll, Stevan E:1
1:Rush University Medical Center (United States of America)

The study of stress and trauma has focused on pathological responses. Many individuals, however, do not develop pathological responding or recover quickly. We have addressed the pathways of resilience and resistance to traumatic stress. We examine traumatic ircumstances around the world to better define resilience, resistance, and recovery. In so doing the epidemiology of resilience and how it should be explored is examined. This work is critical for broadening our understanding of people's responding to trauma, key to public health intervention, and carries enormous potential for building a Psychology of Human Strength in the face of adversity. Our work on the consequences of terrorism, mass conflict and war from the World Trade Center attacks, Israel and Palestine will be presented. This more complex understanding of resilience and resistance suggests important roles for individual differences in vulnerability and resiliency-related characteristics, situational differences in levels of exposure, and environmental contingencies.
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