Experiences around Acceptance and Rejection from Primary Families of LGBT Individuals in India

[Speaker] Shivakumar, Seemanthini T:1
1:Kasturba Medical College (India)

Coming out in India has been a struggle for LGBT individuals. Past research suggests that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)individuals who come out to their families about their identities are subjected to stigma and ostracization that negatively affects their psychological health and wellbeing. Thus the current study is aimed at understanding family acceptance in the lives of LGBT individuals. The case series brought out the common and unique themes about experiences of LGBT individuals in terms of family acceptance. Participants opined that increased awareness about alternative sexualities and sexual orientations has given rise to changes in public perspectives. The important themes that emerged were conditional acceptance, silencing, forms of abuse, vulnerability, pathologising, self-struggle for becoming heterosexual, reactions of shock, seeking support from the similar identities etc. Implications for psychological practice will be reviewed.
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