Exploring transgender experience in a cross-cultural context: Implications gained from an interview with an Australian female-to-male

[Speaker] Machida, Naoko:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan)

Previous studies have aimed at revealing the correlation between gender dysphoria and other psychological traits. However, few studies have attempted to interview transgender people or clarify the impact of cultural background on the expression of gender. As a part of this symposium, I will introduce one interview that I conducted with an Australian female-to-male who is living in Japan, and describe his experiences from a cross-cultural, qualitative perspective. Data revealed that Australia, a country known for having a generous attitude towards homosexuality, has a severe bias towards transgender people, which contributes to their inability to gain acceptance from families and friends with ease. Some cultural differences were found in respect to the treatment of transgender individuals. While Australians' beliefs towards transgender are more affected by Catholic culture, Japanese rarely discuss transgender issues in relation with religion. I will attempt to discuss the implications of these differences in a cross-cultural context.
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