Car-bicycle interaction - Driver s reaction to supporting technology

[Speaker] Stuiver, Arjan:1
[Co-author] Brookhuis, Karel A:1, De Waard, Dick:1
1:University of Groningen (Netherlands)

In traffic safety research an increasing amount of attention is given to the safety of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists. The nature of problematic interaction of cyclists with cars is analysed to try to understand the cause and design potential solutions. Solutions focus on new technology that helps drivers (or cyclists) prevent accidents by warning, informing or helping them. These technologies range from in-car, e.g. blind spot detection of cyclists through infrastructure based technology, e.g. active cyclist crossing systems, to car-bicycle-communication systems, e.g. cyclist beacon systems. How drivers and cyclists respond to these systems, how they adapt their behaviour and strengths and weaknesses of existing systems is studied within the European H2020-project XCycle. Results and suggestions for future developments aimed at improving active and passive detection of cyclists, and systems informing drivers and cyclists of a hazard at junctions are presented.
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