An HMD-based assistance system for elderly drivers with visual impairments

[Speaker] Inagami, Makoto:1
[Co-author] Aoki, Hirofumi:1, Yonekawa, Takashi:1, Ito, Yasuki:1, Iwase, Aiko:1,2, Terasaki, Hiroko:1
1:Nagoya University (Japan), 2:Tajimi Iwase Eye Clinic (Japan)

This presentation introduces our group's project that aims at developing an assistance system for elderly drivers. Their visual function is inevitably impaired because of age-related changes and eye diseases. For example, glaucoma creates a visual field defect and cataract decreases contrast sensitivity especially in the presence of glare. In addition, a decline in visual processing speed results in narrowing of the useful field of view. Studies have suggested that these impairments increase the risk of road traffic accident. For compensation of the visual impairments, our system has utilized a head-mounted display to alert the driver to the presence of pedestrians, signals, signs, etc. This display has an advantage that the driver can locate it anywhere in the visual field and always receive information regardless of head movements. We also report on experiments where a driving scene and visual impairments were simulated to test the system's effectiveness.
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