Spirituality as a remedy for suicide among farmers.

[Speaker] Kumar, Sandeep:1
[Co-author] Mishra, Om P:1, Ikkalagutti, Vishalakshi:1
1:Banaras Hindu University (India)

In India farmers are considered as “Anna Data”, which means food grain provider. They work hard to feed the whole nation but hardly few of them are satisfied with the return of their hard work. According to National Crime Records Bureau Report on accidental death and suicide in India 2014 about 12336 farmers and agricultural workers ended their life which is approximately 9.37% of total suicide in 2014. After review of various articles and publications we concluded that a wide range of causes are involved in mental health problems (including depression) among farmers, which later provoke them to commit suicide. In order to curb this problem Government of India has launched programmes for farmer’s welfare but these programmes seem insufficient and there are still some lacunae. In this paper we have tried to find various causes of suicide among farmers and solution of this problem through spiritual orientation and spirituality.
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