Spirituality, Health and Well- being: A study on Hindu pilgrims

[Speaker] Singh, Tushar:1
[Co-author] Arya, Yogesh K:1, Verma, Sunil K:1, Kumari, Sushma:1
1:Banaras Hindu University (India)

Though there is substantial empirical evidence to suggest links between spiritual/religious factors, health and wellbeing, more research emphasis has been on exploring religion than spirituality. The present study was conducted to examine the relationship between spirituality, health and well-being on three different sub-sets of Hindu pilgrims. A sample of 180 Hindu pilgrim population was administered measures of subjective and functional health, Subjective Happiness Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, WHO-Five Well-being Index, Spiritual Transcendence Scale and Daily Spiritual Experience Scale along with some demographic measures to assess age, gender, education and marital status of the participants. Results suggested that spiritual experiences exhibit a significant effect on health and well-being of the participants. The nature of this relation, however, was different for different pilgrim population suggesting that the spirituality, health and wellbeing relation is moderated by the nature of pilgrim experiences.
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