Influence of psychological counseling in family dynamics in patients with deafness in Merida, Yucatán, Mexico

[Speaker] Estrella Castillo, Damaris F:1
[Co-author] Vilchis Zapata, Zacil H:1, Peraza Gómez, Leydi:1
1:Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (Mexico)

Hearing loss is an etiologically heterogeneous condition, where almost 60% is genetic in origin, 20% is due to environmental factors, and 20% have unknown causes.
In order to assess the impact of genetic counseling and the functionality, 100 families with at least one child with profound hearing loss, were evaluated.
Psychological counseling was given to all parents and primary caregivers, and APGAR family test was applied before and after the counseling. We analyzed a total of 300 members (children, parents) to determine the presence of the GJB2 gene mutation. Twelve patients (carriers and affected) were positive for the mutation, from 5 different families. The subsequent family APGAR testing and genetic counseling, showed that 14% perceived their families as functional, 62 % and 24 % moderately functional dysfunctional.
This shows the importance of genetic counseling in the perception of family function that can directly impact the quality of life.
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