An on-line survey with parents on problems faced by community based junior sport clubs in Japan

[Speaker] Iume, Yumiko:1
[Co-author] Ohashi, Megumi M:1, Togo, Etuko:1, Kawata, Yugiro:2
1:Tokyo Future University (Japan), 2:Juntendo University (Japan)

Problems faced by community based junior sport clubs in Japan were investigated from the perspective club-members' parents. An on-line survey was conducted with parents (N = 900) having children that were club-members. A questionnaire inquired parents about the type of sport played, either football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, or others, and the competitive level of their children's team, among others. Parents also indicated problems in community based sport clubs using free responses. Contents of these responses were classified. Results indicated that most frequent responses were concerning relationships between parents, such as turn-taking for club duties, and over-interfering parents; next were problems about coaches, such as their unavailability, dissatisfaction with coaching principles; which was followed by environmental problems, including insufficient team members and practice locations. Moreover, mothers had significantly more problems about relationship with other parents than did fathers. Furthermore, baseball teams had significantly more problems with environmental conditions than other teams.
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