Assessing dangerous driving behavior during driving inattention

[Speaker] Qu, Weina:1
[Co-author] Yan, Ge:1, Qian, Zhang:1, Kan, Zhang:1
1:Chinese Academy of Sciences (China (People's Republic of China))

Driver inattention is a significant cause of motor vehicle collisions and incidents. The purpose of this study was to translate the Attention-Related Driving Error Scale (ARDES) into Chinese and to verify its reliability and validity. A total of 317 drivers completed the ARDES, the Dula Dangerous Driving Index,the Attention-Related Cognitive Errors Scale and the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale questionnaires. Psychometric results confirm that the ARDES-China has adequate psychometric properties to be a useful tool for evaluating proneness to attentional errors. First, ARDES-China scores were positively correlated with DDDI scores, and the number of accidents in the past year. It was also a significant predictor of dangerous driving behavior measured by DDDI. Second, we found that ARDES-China scores were strongly correlated with ARCES scores and negatively correlated with MAAS scores. Finally, significant differences in ARDES scores were found between different demographic groups, demonstrating that ARDES scores varied with driving years.
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