The Relation between Owner Personality Characteristics and The Dog's Behavioral Patterns

[Speaker] Nishimura, Nobuko:1
[Co-author] Mogi, Chie:1
1:Yamazakigakuen University (Japan)

This study explored the relation between owner personality characteristics and the dog's 3 behavioral patterns (i.e., "worried reaction behavior to an owner", "conflict-induced aggression", "friendship behavior to other dogs"). A questionnaire survey of 119 dog owners (30 males, 85 females, 4 unspecified) was conducted. The owner personality characteristics were analyzed by using Big-five scale including 60 items divided into 5 factors (i.e., Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness) (Wada, 1996). After multiple regression analysis was performed about 5 factors of owner's personality characteristics and the 3 factors of dog's behavioral patterns, it became clear that negative standardized partial regression coefficient from owner's "Agreeableness" factor to dog's "worried reaction behavior to an owner" factor was statistically significant at the 1% level. The dogs being in an environment seeing family members' argument and being dressed down by owner tended to show "worried reaction behavior to an owner" pattern.
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