The mediation effect of trait anger between global stress and dangerous driving behavior

[Speaker] Ge, Yan:1
[Co-author] Weina, Qu:1, Kan, Zhang:1
1:Institute of Psychology, CAS (China (People's Republic of China))

In modern society, stress is a popular phenomenon that affects almost everyone. This study aimed to explore the impact of global stress and various personality traits on driving behavior. 242 drivers completed the Perceived Stress Scale-10, the Dula Dangerous Driving Index and personality trait scale. The results showed that sensation seeking, trait anger and global stress were significantly positively correlated with dangerous driving behavior. But altruism was negatively correlated with aggressive driving. Most importantly, trait anger mediated the effect of global stress on negative cognitive/emotional driving and aggressive driving. The results implied that drivers with higher global stress showed more dangerous driving behavior than lower ones, but the personality traits mediate the effect of stress on driving behavior. The findings could have implication on the development of intervention programs for stress and anger management to improve drivers' ability to manage emotional thoughts and adjust their behavior on the road.
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