Development of Vitality Scale

[Speaker] Fukui, Miki:1
1:Kansai University (Japan)

Vitality is an important concept reflecting well-being and quality of life. The concept of vitality has long history all over the world, but the history of the empirical research of vitality is not so long. Although vitality has been postulated to be unidimensional by most researchers, we defined it as "the power to live out one's life energetically" and developed the multidimensional scale of vitality. Factor analysis revealed that the Vitality Scale consisted of five factors; vigor, mental toughness, activeness, flexibility, and positiveness. Five subscales of it demonstrated acceptable reliability in two investigations with different participants including undergraduates and adults. Validity studies were conducted in terms of the relationships of the Vitality Scale with sleep, eating, self-esteem, authenticity, fundamental competencies for working person and several items about school life. Using structural equation modeling, causal relationships among these variables were demonstrated. These results were discussed related to development differences in vitality.
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