Mobilizing the Public to Uphold Social Justice: An Exploration of the Motivational Mechanism underlying Collective Action for Social Minorities

[Speaker] Chan, Randolph Chun Ho:1
[Co-author] Zhang, Ruirui:1, Yang, Sherry Xue:1, Ma, Gloria Yuet Kwan:1
1:The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

As a fundamental means for transforming and advancing the conditions of social minorities, collective action has gained increasing attention in research, policy and practice over the past decade. Considerable initiatives have been undertaken by the members of the minority groups as well as allies from the majority groups to confront group-based privilege and fight for intergroup equality. Drawing on the social identity model of collective action (SIMCA), the present study investigated the underlying motivational mechanism of majority group members' participation in collective action on behalf of social minorities. Findings from a sample of heterosexual individuals in Hong Kong showed that moral conviction and social identity were positively associated with group-based anger and collective efficacy, which were in turn associated with increased intention to participate in collective action for sexual minorities. Implications on collective action mobilization and majority group member involvement were discussed.
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