Effects of baby massage based on child's temperament characteristics on mother's self-efficacy.

[Speaker] Takei, Yuko:1
[Co-author] Terasaki, Masaharu:1, Kadota, Masako:2, Okutomi, Yoichi:3, Takeuchi, Itsuko:1
1:Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare (Japan), 2:Kurashiki City College (Japan), 3:Rissho University (Japan)

Higher self-efficacy in regard to childcare behaviors is important for mothers to reduce their anxieties, and counsel is needed for each mother to deal with her child in light of the child's temperament. This survey aimed to clarify what each mother was aware of through a baby massage designed according to her one-year-old child's temperament. Each mother first answered the SETTQ to identify her child's temperament. After getting the feedback, each mother practically gave her child a massage based on the advice about a particular manner depending on her child's temperament. The mothers were then asked what they were aware of through the baby massage. They recognized the importance of dealing with their children in consideration of the children's temperaments. It is considered that baby massage in light of child's temperament be useful for mother's better understanding of her child and contributory to higher self-efficacy, and mother's positive childcare attitude.
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